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beabadoobee Care

Álbum Care
beabadoobee - Care
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beabadoobee - Care
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beabadoobee - Care
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beabadoobee "Care" & Meaning Verified
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Care - beabadoobee
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beabadoobee - Care Live Vevo DSCVR At Home
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Sorry & Care Tutorial poo
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beabadoobee - Disappear
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beabadoobee - Sorry
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Beabadoobee - 'Care' Fresh From Home Live Performance
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ami mizuno
this gives off the starting credits for a 90's/2000's coming of age movie vibes
having trouble deciding if i want a girlfriend like her or if I just wanna look like her
naya sux
Everyone’s saying that this sounds early 2000s but this is totally the start of a 90s movie
Siberius Wolf
Baebadoobee has really got that 90s sound down pat.
Shes so underrated, everyone talking about powfu, but she was the original song, Coffee! Tisk tisk tisk...
I've never seen an asian girl singing this type of genre sooo freaken cool
I put her music in the car and my dad said "Who is it? I think I've heard this before" and i said "Who do you think it is?" as a joke and his answer was..."I don't know, a singer from the 90s, I don't remember her name" lol
cruel summer
imagine this being a soundtrack on 10 things I hate about you....
dylan keenan
This is so retro it’s insane. Crazy how big the late 90s early 2000s influences are on music and fashion right now
Liked before even hearing the song gang 😎
the bootleg boy
i love everything about this
ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Hecklebek
The hair, fashion, and camera quality is all part of a new late 90s coming of age film isn’t it? I’d pay to see her star as a teenager in a movie
shay english
this feels like a song that should be playing over a scene in skins
A lot of people saying this sounds like the early 2000s but I'm old enough to know this is pure early 90s nostalgia! x
iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams
She’s the aesthetic everyone on TikTok tries to achieve
Peter Christian Paulin
There's nothing 2000s about this. It's very much 1997-1999 alt rock in look and feel.
Seth Strimas-Mackey
To all those noticing the 90s/2000s vibes, from a press release by beabadoobee:
I keep think she’s saying “Are you the simp” when it’s “Are you the same”
Tara Shetty
She's said before she eventually wants to be a kindergarten teacher, imagine being one of her students and then when you're older you realize you had HOLY CRAP I HAD A ROCK GODDESS AS MY KINDERGARTEN TEACHER like how frickin cool I'm already jealous of those kids