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The Weeknd Prisoner

Álbum Beauty Behind The Madness
The Weeknd - Prisoner ft. Lana Del Rey
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J.U Ft. The Weeknd & Lana Del Rey - Prisoner
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Prisoner - The Weeknd feat. Lana Del Rey
hace alrededor de 5 años145k reproducciones
Prisoner - The Weeknd ft Lana del Rey
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The Weeknd - Prisoner Feat. Lana Del Rey
hace alrededor de 5 años191k reproducciones
Prisoner-The Weeknd Feat. Lana Del Rey
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The Weeknd - Prisoner feat. Lana Del Rey
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The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey - Prisoner Offical
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Prisoner feat. Lana Del Rey - The Weeknd - HQ
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The Weeknd & Lana del Rey - Prisoner
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Alfred Ekyem
2020 anyone?
kitch bitch
I swear to god nobody has a voice as mysterious and seductive as Lana
JN Entertainment
They both possess the same soul trapped in different genders
Naman Bansal
Weeknd and Lana Del Rey combination falls short on words.
I love it when she says "I don't know. I get so wrapped up in a world where nothing's as it seems"
Thu Hiền Trần
why this song only has 1,4M view? it's such an art
Prasun Verma
Opakeng Diphoko
i don't know how many times I've rewind to Lana's part..her voice is addictive..
YoRHa 2B
Lana del rey❤️
This song is soo underrated
Sarada Uchiha
How this is not getting views ??
They talkin about how fame is a prison
Abdul Aziz
Too underrated
Kishor Raj
2020 quarantine these words have a lot of meaning!
Nayla a
I love you for this, this song is banned in Germany and I cried because I was not able to find a version without a mix. This is my fav song
Shelby XOXO
This song is one of the best from the weeknd omg I'm so glad it's back on YouTube!!
Martin Rafael
I want this kind of music if he releases a new album in the future
They create bangers together !!
Maria Victória
gosh they're so perfect together