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iann dior Prospect (ft. Lil Baby)

Álbum Prospect (feat. Lil Baby)
iann dior – Prospect ft. Lil Baby
hace 8 meses4m reproducciones
iann dior – Prospect ft. Lil Baby
hace 6 meses3m reproducciones
Iann Dior & Lil Baby - Prospect
hace 8 meses18k reproducciones
Iann Dior - Prospect feat. Lil Baby Im Gone
hace 8 meses226k reproducciones
iann dior - Prospect ft. Lil Baby
hace 8 meses127k reproducciones
iann dior – Prospect ft. Lil Baby Bass Boosted
hace 8 meses15k reproducciones
Kylian Mbappe Mix Prospect - Iann Dior ft. Lil Baby
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Lil Baby - Prospect no iann dior
hace 8 meses618k reproducciones
iann dior & lil baby - prospect slowed reverb
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iann dior - Prospect ft. Lil Baby
hace 8 meses61k reproducciones
Jwhy x
All the Chinese restaurants finna start playing this in their restaurants
One Random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.
Badgyal Magazine
Who's here after Nick & Cousin Skeether collab? 😊👇🏾🔥❤
they played this at a chinese restaurant the rice turned to fried rice
Jay Roc
The Fox News white guy that dances brought me here lol
Royal G
Who’s here after Nick tore it up one time? 👆
Jay Jackson
I'm here because of the Fox news guy and mufasa dancing to this song.
Kutenga Matoka
producer: how hard should the beat be?
Cmr B
This song is just straight heat and he is really underrated
Who’s here after the cousinskeether and fox46nick ❤️👇🏾
This beat sounds just like "who you foolin" bu gunna
Stanlee Fabian
This beat makes me want to leave the village when they needed me the most
Joshua Kim
Iann is so underrated, he’s gonna have a huge song soon that’s gonna make him blow up like Lil Mosey
Tanesha B
I'm definitely here because of
why is baby's mix recorded on a Taco Bell drive thru speaker
Braxton Myers
People don’t understand he blew up he’s going up constantly.
baby’s verse sound like it was recorded on a McDonald’s speaker
One al lemonade video for this dude and he takes over the game
I keep thinking it’s lil skies when I hear Ian Dior 😂
Maxwell Daley