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The Weeknd Stargirl Interlude

Álbum Starboy
Stargirl Interlude Extended Version
hace alrededor de 3 años730k reproducciones
The Weeknd - Stargirl Interlude ft. Lana del Rey
hace alrededor de 3 años16k reproducciones
stargirl interlude - the weeknd ft. lana del rey slowed n reverb
hace 12 meses30k reproducciones
The Weekend ft. Lana Del Rey - STARGIRL INTERLUDE Edited®
hace alrededor de 4 años272k reproducciones
The Weeknd - Stargirl Interlude ft. Lana Del Rey - Real Extended Version
hace 5 meses273 reproducciones
Stargirl Interlude Full Extended Version - The Weeknd, Lana Del Ray
hace 11 meses6k reproducciones
The Weeknd - Stargirl Interlude feat. Lana Del Rey
hace alrededor de 1 año19k reproducciones
Stargirl Interlude Feat. Lana Del Rey - The Weeknd Extended Version
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The Weeknd - Stargirl Interlude feat. Lana Del Rey
hace más de 3 años3k reproducciones
The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey - Stargirl Interlude Kaiden Diaz Remix
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Daniel J.G.
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The Buchsi Ghoul // LoL Gameplay //
we need a weeknd and lana album
Airwolf 276
The Weeknd: star boy
Victor Skywalker
Lana and Abel’s voices love each other. They may just be friends in real life but when they sing to each other, it’s like their spirits are making love to each other. I hope these collabs continue in the future.
mozzarella sticks
I am straight except when women wear leather jackets... like damn
Jesse Dimas
U need to listen to this on acid.. Lana’s voice is the sound sirens made to lure sailors... it will change ur life.
I really don’t understand why Abel didn’t make this song longer, IT’S SO GOOD!!!
Ms. Hale
You're the hero of the people
Dra Matic
The way she says "starboy" gives me chills !
Hassan Adam
Is this what euphoria feels like ?
noah bain
lana was so kind to let abel feature on this x
Alvaro Gulsan Chico
[Lana Del Rey:]
Amanda Michelle
I wish the beat and their voices weren't tampered with.
Sara B
Lana truly isn’t from this world. Just look at that picture 😍
Angel Aguilar
I get a weird nostalgic feeling when I listen to this song like I go to another demension when this song is playing 😍😍
Adrenna Lynne
No one at all:
Man I wish The Weeknd and Lana did something in after hours, was really looking forward to a StarBoy like album, but maybe it’ll happen in the future
Joanna Ibarra
This song makes me wanna dance with my boyfriend in the dark
Alexa Wilde
You just saved 2020
Petition for you to make a 10 hour version!